Parish Survey January 2018

With our Jan. 28, 2018, annual meeting out of the way, the Calling Committee asks that every person at St. Paul's complete a parish survey to help the committee in the search for a new rector. 
Click here to complete the survey online

Calling Committee Contacts

As we search for a new rector, we have formed a calling committee. The chairman of the St. Paul's Calling Committee is Rob Filbey. The co-chairman is Tom Fletcher.
Other Calling Committee members are:
Steve Lowe
Shelly Gregory
Holly Coolman
Paula Christiansen
Jon Smith
Vickie Bardo
Maurie White 
Kay Malone
Amanda Hexel
Rochelle Thompson



April -- Rector announces resignation
May -- Vestry and Rector begin planning for transition period
June -- Vestry meets with Bishop Mathes and Canon Allisyn Thomas
July -- Vestry solicits interest for calling committee
July 31 -- After close of business -- Vestry selects chairman and co-chair
Early August -- Calling Committee Surveys collected and reviewed
August -- Calling Committee named
September -- Vestry meets with Canon Allisyn
October -- Healing Workshop with the Rev. Janet Wheellock
October -- Interviews set with interim candidate; vestry and congregation meet candidate
November 1 -- Interim candidate begins