Calling Committee Contacts

As we search for a new rector, we have formed a calling committee. The chairman of the St. Paul's Calling Committee is Rob Filbey. The co-chairman is Tom Fletcher.
Other Calling Committee members are:
Steve Lowe
Shelly Gregory
Holly Coolman
Paula Christiansen
Jon Smith
Vickie Bardo
Maurie White 
Kay Malone
Amanda Hexel
Rochelle Thompson



Committee Established January 2018

Begin work on Parish Survey


Parish Survey provided to Parish January 2018


Parish Survey Results received February 2018


Begin design/development of Parish Profile February 2018


Begin development of Parish Portfolio April 2018


Parish Profile complete /Posted on-line June/July 2018


Parish Portfolio submitted to Diocese June 2018

Parish Portfolio posted on-line


Receive applicants June-August 2018


Screen/Interview Applicants August-October 2018


Review/Make selection November 2018


Present selection to Vestry for approval November 2018


Develop draft letter of Acceptance/contract November 2018


Make offer to selectee December 2018


Letter of Acceptance/contract approved by Diocese January 2019


Letter of Acceptance/contract accepted by selectee January 2019



New Rector in Place February 2019