Opportunites to Serve

ACOLYTE -  Comprised of of youth (ages 8 and up) who assist the clergy by carrying crosses and torches during procession and helping with the Eucharist. An Acolyte also helps before and after the service with set up and clean up of the chancel. Life lessons in worship, reverence and leadership lead to an enriched life for each young person who chooses to join this special group. Please contact the parish office for more information. 928-782-5155


ALTAR GUILD - This ministry is for women dedicated to Christ, who want to serve by preparing the church and altar for worship services. Responsibilities include the care of vestments, linens, and hangings, filling the candles with oil and preparing the altar for Communion. Special duties also include preparations for weddings, funerals and High Holy days around Christmas and Easter. If interested, please contact  Vicki Bardo at 928-246-1468.


CANTERBURY HAND BELL CHOIR - This music ministry is  a fun and rewarding way to serve the Lord. Practice is held at the church on Thursday's at 5:30 p.m.. Performances are held throughout the year including some Sunday Worship Services and special performances during Christmas and Easter. If interested, please contact Paula Christiansen at 928-329-6551.

CONDOLENCE COMMITTEE - If a family chooses to have their loved one's funeral or memorial service at St. Paul's, the condolence committee is available to assist the family with some of the necessary planning. This includes preparing and serving food and drink in the Kinsolving Room at St. Paul's for a gathering after the service if the family so desires. Please contact Linda Hinz at 928-305-1301 if interested.

CURSILLO Cursillo is a  method for Christians to become empowered and grow through prayer, study and action, to share God's love with everyone. This retreat is held twice a year and is available for Christians who desire a deeper walk with Jesus. Worship, discussions, prayer, sharing, fun, and good food are all part of the experience that seeks to bless participants with the unconditional love of God. If interested, please contact Rochelle Thompson at 928-246-4344.
ECW (EPISCOPAL CHURCH WOMEN) - All women in the Episcopal Church are automatic members.  Episcopal Church Women gather to share fellowship, study, pray, and serve the Lord, Church and community. ECW's fundraising enables outreach to ministries both local and global. Meetings are the 3rd Thursday of the month at noon at St. Paul's. If interested, please contact Linda Hinz at 928-210-3037 or 928-305-1301.

LAY EUCHARIST MINISTERS - This is a thoughtful, essential  and personally rewarding ministry that brings Communion (the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Jesus) to the sick and shut-ins of our church family. Those interested  receive training from St. Paul’s and  the diocese. Please contact Vicki Bardo at 928-783-1115 or 928-246-1467.

LAY READERS & CHALICE BEARERS - Lay Readers assist Clergy with reading Bible passages and Prayers of the People during Worship Service. Those wishing to help others while growing with a  deeper knowledge of the Bible may be interested in this ministry. Chalice Bearers assist Clergy with the  privilege of bearing God’s presence to His people through the offering of bread and wine during Holy Communion. If interested please contact Maurie White through the church office.

OUTREACH - If you are dedicated to helping others in need, this group is for you. The goal of St. Paul's is to be a tithing parish with 10% of its revenue going to outreach, locally as well as globally. Please contact parish office for more information 928-782-5155

On a national level, the Episcopal Church supports outreach on a global level through the Episcopal Relief & Development page.

PRAYERS & SQUARES - An inter-denominational quilting ministry for the young,the old,sewers or beginners. This group meets at the church at 9:00 a.m.on Saturdays. Quilts are stitched together by members of the group.Each requested quilt is blessed at the Alter during Sunday's Worship Service and then tied off after the service by parishioners with a personal prayer expressed during each knot tying. The quilt is then gifted to a person suffering from sickness, injury, and/or any other physical or emotional hardship. Recipients are blessed with God's healing love through the power of prayer. Please contact Kimberley Dierdorf at 928-580-5800 or Ruth Elliott at (928) 782-5155 stpaulsyuma@gmail.com



ST. CECILIA CHOIR - Teens and adults minister in song to the congregation on Sundays and  special services at Christmas and Easter. A music background is not required. Practices are held at St. Paul's during the school year, Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. If interested, please contact the church office.


USHERS & GREETERS - This ministry is designed for people who wish to help folks feel at home.In addition to greeting and helping people  know their way around the church, ushers and greeters also collect the offering during Sunday Worship. Lastly, members of this ministry may also serve at weddings, funerals, and music programs throughout the year. Contact Jo Beth Sharpensteen at 928-726-3031 if interested.

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