Farewell Father Tim
Last updated on June 23, 2017

From Father Tim True

April 19, 2017

Dear Parishioners,

Wisdom from many centuries ago tells us, "For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; ...  a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance." (cf. Ecclesiastes 3).

We often think of these " times" as contrasts: birth and death occur at the opposite ends of life, for instance. But these times can happen simultaneously too-or nearly so-like when we weep with laughter or cry for joy; orlike when Christ died and rose again within the space of only a few days.

Such is the present time for our parish. After months-long prayerful conversation with our bishop and his staff, I have decided to step down as rector of St. Paul's at the end of July to accept a position as vicar in the Temecula Valley.

This announcement and the transition to come are happening much sooner than I ever anticipated; and in this sense they feel something like an unexpected death. We have developed a sweet relationship as a kind of farnily over the last two years; and it feels grievous, even mortal, whenever family members must face a change in that relationship's status. (Believe me, with two daughters having moved out recently-and soon a third-I know!) But, as disciples of a resurrected Lord, we also know that new life is around the corner. We may not know what that new life will look like, but we know it' s there. May we find profound joy together in this truth in the months ahead!

I arn grateful beyond words for my time in Yuma. You have strengthened and encouraged me to become increasingly more like Christ, whom I always strive to represent as his priest. You have shaped and honed n1e as a teacher and preacher. You have equipped me to be a better leader. You have lived out Christ's love to me and my family. And you have stretched me--challenging me to accept and embrace new life in  Christ through no less than ministering in a new language! For all these things and far too many more than I am able to mention, I am forever appreciative to you, the congregation of St. Paul's.

My final Sunday celebrating the Eucharist with you will be June 18. I am confident that our very capable vestry will guide St. Paul's well through the transition ahead.

Wednesday in Easter Week,
The Rev. Timothy True

 A word from the wardens:

Dear St. Paul’s Episcopal Church,

Mary and Amy, your senior and junior wardens, respectively, would like to add a few words concerning Father Tim’s announcement:

While we are saddened that Father Tim’s time as our rector is coming to a conclusion, we want to give thanks for his ministry and his dedication, devotion and enthusiasm to and for St. Paul’s and its people. He has given much to St. Paul’s and each of us.

Our patron, St. Paul, was always on the move, ministering in Ephesus, Corinth, Philippi, and finally Rome. Father Tim has touched us and proclaimed the gospel among us. His decision to leave has been one of deep contemplation and wrought with much personal and spiritual agony over the course of several months. Ultimately, it is an effort to be a true instrument of God’s mission. St. Paul’s has been Father Tim’s first rectorship, and we give thanks that St. Paul’s has allowed Father Tim and Holly an opportunity to grow spiritually and personally. We trust that we have given them a boost for their journey and a learning experience that we hope will serve them in the future of God’s church.

As your wardens, we wish to reassure you during this upcoming season of transition that St. Paul’s will keep moving forward, but it is not an untravelled road. Many of you have walked in our shoes before through your service to Christ at St. Paul’s; Mary and I will look to you for counsel and advice as we prepare for the next phase of ministry. That means your input in the coming months is valuable, wanted and important to us. Will we agree on everything? No, but creating a sense of inclusiveness and belonging requires consideration, and we want you to know that you have our ears. We do ask for your patience in communicating with us. Although we are both working moms, we are going to make the call for our new rector a top priority and are open to your feedback and suggestions.

In addition, we will benefit from the support and guidance of the Office of the Bishop. Canon Allisyn Thomas will assist us with the important work of finding interim clergy as well as shepherding us through the calling process.

We ask that each and every one of you pray for the vestry and your wardens for the Holy Spirit to give us the strength, wisdom and soundness of spirit and mind to help us into the next phase.

In Christ,

Mary Orta & Amy Crawford