Concert Series
Last updated on August 15, 2019 at 1:12:22 PM

St. Paul's Concert Series

All concerts start promptly at 5 p.m.

November 17, 2019--------------- David Pedraza-Viola
                                                    Sergeid Skobin- Piano

December 15, 2019--------------- Dmitry Kirichenko- Piano

January 26, 2020------------------ AWC Music Faculty in Concert

February 9, 2020------------------ Kevin Ayesh- Piano

March 8, 2020---------------------- Kevin Benbow- Guitar

April 19, 2020---------------------- Steve Hennig & Friends- Trumpet


May 2, 2020------------------------- Young Musicians of Yuma Benefit Concert


This concert series and artists are supported through
generous donations and a free-will offering. St. Paul's thanks to the Yuma community
for its support of this uplifting program.